Lost and Found

From the fullness of God’s grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16 (NIV)

I had my outfit planned out perfectly for an important meeting at work – grey pencil skirt, black short-sleeved sweater, grey heels. The only thing I needed to complete it was my favorite necklace, given to me by my stepson a few years ago. I wear it practically every day, but on this morning, it wasn’t in its usual place. Where was it?! A frantic search ensued; I looked in all the usual potential hiding spots – my jewelry box, a belt hanger I use for necklaces, my nightstand, the bathroom counter, but… nothing.

The kids were getting impatient because we had to leave for school, and I have to say I was not the most pleasant person to be with in the car that morning! I just couldn’t stand the thought that it was missing. Wheatley wondered why it was so important, so I tried to explain why I loved the necklace so much (other than it being a gift from my stepson, of course 🙂).

  •  It is the perfect weight. A light charm can float around and a light chain just doesn’t lay right. This one always stays in the proper place.
  • The chain is the perfect length. It doesn’t even have an extender or other length options with the clasp. It’s perfect as is. I should probably just measure it, see how long it is, and write it down!
  • It goes with everything due to the shape of the charm – three diamond-like baubles attached vertically. Done.
  • I use it – it doesn’t just hang on my neck. When I’m writing or contemplating something I’m going to write, I twirl it, I hook my finger into the chain and move the charm back and forth, I flip the charm around the chain, etc. I’m doing it right now!


When I got home that night and renewed my search, I found it. It had fallen (or was placed by a certain preschooler who shall remain anonymous) into the drawer underneath my jewelry box. Hallelujah, it was found! I thanked God, hung it on the belt hanger and continued happily on with life.

Fast-forward a couple of months. We travelled to South Carolina for my cousin’s wedding and stayed in a hotel for a few days. I had the necklace on when we travelled there and I had it on when we toured the area the following day. Then I took it off that night and left it on the bathroom counter. Why I did not stow it safely somewhere I don’t know – I was tired!

The next day was the wedding, and I didn’t wear it because I found the one outfit it does not go with! But later that afternoon I went to put the necklace on and you guessed it – it was gone. Nooo!!! I went through everything – I shook out every stitch of clothing in the laundry, I checked my jewelry case numerous times even though I only had a bracelet in it, I checked suitcases, computer bags, the desk, under the beds, under the couches – everywhere. Finally my husband and I figured that some towels were placed on the bathroom counter while we were getting ready, and then he just swept them onto the floor to make one towel pile for housekeeping and may have swept up the necklace as well. Sigh. I stopped at the desk to make them aware that I was looking for it, in case it showed up in the laundry, but I had pretty much said goodbye to it in my head at that point.

I went on with my day this time instead of making a fuss like last time because I didn’t want the necklace to become some sort of stronghold for me. I know it sounds a bit late for that, but really I was trying. Even the next day, I didn’t fuss. I looked for it again, mentioned it at the front desk again and then left for Florida, knowing that my necklace was gone forever.

So, life continued forward without my necklace. Outfits didn’t look quite right, the words didn’t flow without my charm, but it continued.

Princess became ill a few weeks after we got back. (She had overindulged on all the food we had gotten at the big box store.) The first day was spent watching movies and snuggling on the couch together. By the second day she was feeling better but was home again just in case, so we played in her room. While she was happily playing My Little Pony, I took the opportunity to clean her closet. (I know, I really can’t stop myself from organizing!) All her little toys are organized into plastic shoe boxes – tea set in one, ponies in another, dollhouse pieces in another, etc. (I know, I know, I really like things organized!) So I took out a plastic shoebox that had some mis-matched pieces and there… was my necklace.

I think I just stared at it for about 30 seconds before lifting it out of the shoebox. ?!? I still don’t know how it could’ve gotten there. The last time I had seen it was three weeks prior in South Carolina, 3 states away. A gift from God? Most definitely! After thanking God, immediately putting it around my neck and possibly doing one or two dances of joy (I’ll never tell), a victory shout, extra kisses for Princess, etc. I texted my husband to let him know, followed by multiple exclamation points!!!!!!

We talked about numerous possibilities as to how it could have travelled back with us, but really, I think the moment I let it go so that it didn’t become a stronghold, God let me have it back. I literally cannot fathom how it got from the hotel room in South Carolina to a plastic shoebox in Princesses’ closet, but it doesn’t matter. Chalk that up to one more thing in a long list of things I will never know! In the meantime, I just thank God unceasingly for all my blessings, continue forward with my crazy life and enjoy the surprises and miracles in all shapes and sizes – even diamond-like baubles in a vertical line.

One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. Reblogged this on debbiespointofview and commented:
    I am so in love with this story. I shared it with Pamela this morning and we both shed a tear. Sometimes we get lost; Sometimes we don’t appreciate; Sometimes we are the lump of coal. Sometimes we feel misplaced in the miscelllaneous box before we realize we are the diamond that God created.

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