Sippy Cups to Cell Phones

If the Lord delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm. Psalm 37:23 (NIV)

On a three-day vacation to a nearby town, the kids and I surveyed our hotel room. “Awesome!” they exclaimed as they wandered through the small suite, checking out the view and trying out the lamp that turns on and off with a foot press.

I stayed in the main room, organizing myself and getting everyone’s things ready. When I walked back into the bedroom area I noticed that my son had quickly unpacked and settled in. His phone and iPod were on the dresser, already plugged in to recharge. His toiletries were out for a quick refresh. His small backpack, his only piece of luggage, was stowed away.

All of a sudden I could see the man my son would become. I envisioned him in this room as a business traveler – arriving in his room with his one small carry-on bag, charging up his phone and other electronics, surveying his room, checking out the room service options.

And in that instant the time we’ve had between infancy and teen seemed to melt away – the transition from diapers, sippy cups and teethers to car keys, cell phones and laptops too fast.  I imagine that the leap between teen and adulthood will be the same. The years between this moment and college graduation will seem a blur on that day.

Still have these around for one child!
Still have these around for one child!


I wish I could gather him close and hold him as he is now. But, no. I hold him in my heart when I can’t hold him in my arms, standing along side him and guiding him along his march to independence.

From the Heart

Lord, thank you for the gift of my children. Help me to raise them to become independent men and women who will glorify you with their actions, and help me to let go when I need to and trust in you completely.

Make a Start

Schedule some one-on-one time with your child today. It could be an outing to the movies or ice cream place or just a conversation at the kitchen table.

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