5K101- Running Mate Media

This post was first published as a testimonial for the Running Mate Media’s 5K101 program, with the title “The Voice Inside My Head Said I Should Run”.

I always wanted to be a “runner” to get some great exercise and supplement my daily yoga practice. However, whenever I would set out of a run, here’s what the voice inside my head would tell me:

–          I will never be a runner.

–          Why did I even try to do this?

–          My legs are killing me.

–          My lungs are killing me!

–          I am soooo tired.

–          Is this a hill? Really, is this a *&%$@! hill?

–          I’m going to walk.

–          I’m just not good enough.

And these comments to myself were within the first five minutes of starting out. I was not exactly full of personal affirmations and would feel awful that I even tried and wasted 20 minutes.

Then I discovered 5K101.

I laced up my shoes and started out with my headphones on. Immediately the voice inside my head that kept telling me I wasn’t good enough changed into Todd’s voice and sounded like this:

–          Welcome! We’re going to have a great time today.

–          Let’s set off on a walk and talk about what to expect.

–          Let’s begin your run at a comfortable pace.

–          We’re going to work together to achieve the goals you’ve set.

–          I’m going to be with you every step of the way.

–          You can DO this.

What a difference! Listening to Todd’s encouraging instruction each step of the way was like running with a good friend; one who didn’t mind if I didn’t talk at all, or if I took out my frustrations on him instead of myself. Having Todd chime in with encouraging comments regarding how long I’d been running freed my mind up to think about other things or enjoy my surroundings.

My breakthrough with that came one day when I jogged past a pond near my house and noticed how beautiful the sunset looked on the water. Believe me, I had never noticed anything about my surroundings when I had tried running on my own, checking my watch every two minutes and listening to negative self talk.

I was able to complete my first 5K just one month later and then graduated to the “Fastest 5K101” program to shave some time off my run and set new goals. Now I’m in the process of running my way through the “10K101 program”.  I actually look forward to my running days now!!

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