The Dark Depths of…the Diaper Bag

A few weeks ago my youngest daughter started going to a babysitter’s house two days a week, since my usually flexible schedule was about to get a little more structured. First up? Cleaning out the diaper bag!

I received the diaper bag 10 years ago when my middle child was born and it has seen us through her babyhood, as well as my youngest one’s babyhood (sniff!). Not to mention being a general carry-all for whatever anyone else wanted to throw in there during all our outings and trips over the last 10 years. I’m not sure how we’ll ever go to a theme park or even a restaurant without it! But it needed a good spit-shine for the babysitter.

I started probing the depths of the bag and found:

  • An old box of Nerds candy. (?!)
  • A dozen army guys (sigh. That brings me back to the Toy Story days with my son, who’s now 13).
  • A pack of powered Enfamil that expired in 2010
  • Broken crayons
  • My favorite Burts Bees lipstick (thank you God!)
  • Neosporin that expired in 2006
  • An unused pack of disposable place mats that stick to the table (I kept those in there – you never know)
  • $2.75 in assorted change

I cleaned it all out after letting my mind drift down memory lane through all the stages my two older ones have gone through. Then I started fresh for the little one:

  • Diaper changing kit that I received at her baby shower
  • Extra outfit
  • Book
  • Fresh first aid kit
  • The disposable place mats (I just really should use those!)

I just love a good spring cleaning!

This is what the bag looked like when it was brand new. It, uh, does not look quite like this anymore!

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