I’m over here… um, not reading – Ulysses – #1

In response to Andi’s query about where I’ve been, my first thought was, “Hey, I’m over here reading!!” That would not be the whole truth, however. That would not be the truth at all, actually!

As much as I’ve somewhat enjoyed Ulysses more lately, I spent my Thanksgiving break and the two weeks preceding it…. not reading Ulysses.

While on a birthday trip I dutifully packed Ulysses, thinking I would find lovely pockets of time in which to read. My first fifteen minutes aboard the airplane with my toddler soon reminded me that the normal demands of my life would continue, just in a different location. C’est la vie.

I did receive a Kindle for my birthday and that has been wonderful… for playing solitaire. “I’ll just play one game and then read Ulysses” was my usual thought process and then each and every time I would play until I won, dang it!! Three weeks later I think I am finally cured of my solitaire addiction. However, I did upload and read a few short books (I know, I know!) that I could just pick up and read before bed.

Ulysses requires a bit more commitment. I’m enjoying it more now that I’m not expecting the plot to move forward in any significant manner. Now that I’m used to the language and Joyce’s style of writing, I can usually settle in and enjoy the fact that we’re either going to be with one character who is lost in his or her thoughts for a number of pages, or we’ll be with a group of folks who are really going to enjoy their conversation for a number of pages. At that point I can just enjoy the ruminations, Joyce’s clever turns of phrases and his razor sharp wit. But really, I can only do that if I have a good hour in which to just sit and read.

On a separate note, my reading did get a little charge out of the announcement that there is a movie version of The Great Gatsby being cast right now. By the time we get through Ulysses, and then through The Great Gatsby (number two on the list), we’ll be just in time for the movie release!

Now I’m off to work on some photo Christmas gifts…. I mean to read Ulysses!!!


4 thoughts on “I’m over here… um, not reading – Ulysses – #1

  1. Well it sounds to me like you need some ecouragement, maybe a nice South African red, I can name a few, but would rather share in person. Now how do I get there in a hurry? I have to confess that the book confused me when I read it, but not as much as seeing an H on your site, which I of course thought was meant for me. Typically egocentric mail, hmmm Joyce come to mind.
    Hang in there

    1. POP! Glad to ‘see’ you! Heather (the H) and I (the A) are ready for our South African red. Come on down!!! I have schlogged through to page 475. I may reward myself with a case when this is all over. Stay tuned. New “A” post coming!

  2. I hate the auto-correcting software that changes Male to the more frequent Mail, and who knows where the n in eNcouragement went. Give me back a typewriter so I have to proof read.

  3. Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for the encouragement! I believe I may have kicked my solitaire addiction after winning a sufficient amount of games now, so reading can be continued again..

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